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Alfa 156

I'm considering buying the following alfa:

Would you think it is a good idea? How reliable are these cars?

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Re: Alfa 156

Hello Grantie, emoticon here.

To be honest, we think you should not buy this car, and start looking for a 166! You can find them for around the same price and offer much more comfort and luxury.

No, just kidding. Looks like a nicde car. I love the color. Milage is ok, if it realy is correct and it doesn't seem to have much damage on it. Exept for the wheels i think.
So it should be a good buy, but i don't have any experience with 156's, so i don't know the things to look out for, but we do have some former 156 drivers in the club and i am sure they will respond.

Good luck with the purchase.


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