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gearbox conversion

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I am looking to buy ALL the parts necessary in order to convert a; 166 3 liter v6 2000model
from a auto matic gearbox to a manual box.
will need gearbox, clutch. flywheel, all the hydraulic parts , pedal box, center console,ecm, etc.etc.
I would appreciate it any-one knows of a 166 being striped for parts, to contact me by mail
 danke wel
Brian. emoticon
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Re: gearbox conversion

Hi Brian,
Where are you from? Can you introduce yourself?

Regarding your emoticon: I am convinced it is easier and less expensive to just buy a manual shift 3.0V6 car!

Alfa Romeo 166 2.4JTD mei ‘02 - Blu Odissea
Alfa Romeo Spider S2 mei '79 - Nero
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