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Alfa 169 in 2008?


The always excellent ItaliaSpeed has published some anticipations on the Alfa Romeo 169. The new Alfa flagship, codename Progetto 941, should be positioned in a higher segment than the current Alfa 166, with the objective of stealing sales from cars such as the Mercedes CLS. The 169 should be one of the centerpieces for Alfa Romeo's returno to the US.

The Alfa 169 should arrive in 2008, and will not use the Premium platform: it will share the next Maserati Quattroporte platform. Alfa Romeo aficionados are rejoicing for the return of a car with rear wheel drive and transaxle transmission. High torsional rigidity, a balanced weight distribution and RWD should make the marketing playing field a bit more level for Alfa in its assault on big german saloons.

The 169 will have dimension similar to those of the CLS: 4,95 meters long, 1,4 meters hight. New gearboxes from Getrag are expected (including a 7 speed dual clutch). Under the hood it's strictly a V6-V8 party: gasoline engines start from the 2.8 V6 (250 hp) and go on to a 3.2 V6 (285 hp) and a 4.3 V8 (400 hp and 500 Nm). The 3.0 V6 turbodiesel should have 275 hp and 620 Nm.

Prices should start a bit under 50.000 € for the 2.8, grow to about 50.000 € for the 3.0 diesel e go up to 75.000 € for the 4.3 V8. The hypothetic GTA 5.0 V8 (more than 500 hp) should cost about 100.000 €.

Bij deze Bron vindt je ook het bericht dat de 8C eraan komt!

Nou toch ff heel snel de loterij winnen!
Dan voor de 169 GTA!

C.A.R.S.=(nog steeds) Ton001
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