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Help me choose

Hi everyone, I am having a hard time deciding between a few models around the same price.

First car I am considering is the GT, which I like for its Busso engine alone. Second car is a 159 JTS Ti which I like for its looks and awd, but the car seems heavy and the consensus seems to be that the Busso is the better V6. The final car I'm considering is the Giulietta QV because it has got quite the style, it's newer and probably more fuel efficient. I think it's important to mention that I want to be able to carry a bicycle in the car some way or another. Also interested in knowing if torque steer is an issue in the GT and Giulietta. The GT I am looking at getting has a Q2 diff.

If there are any owners of these who'd like to give their view on these cars, it would be much appreciated.
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